Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Way over my head

I am WAY over my head with this stuff but this seems to me to be sort of a big deal. Or it would be if it were a bunch of Republicans doing it. There has been a group of people working for the CIA, State, and probably Defense who have been actively working against the elected government of the United States.

See.... they are smarter than George Bush. We all know how stupid he is. They have told us that for years. They are certainly smarter than us stupid voters out here. After all... he won the election because of homophobes (or because of Diebold or something). Why would you care about what those people think? According to CNN:

McCarthy admitted to multiple unauthorized contacts with journalists [multiple? are you kidding me? Did she know about the NSA thing?] after failing a polygraph test, one of "dozens" conducted at the CIA since January of personnel knowledgeable about compromised programs, sources said. Those who took polygraph tests included CIA Director Porter Goss and the agency's inspector general, John Helgerson, according to U.S. intelligence officials.

A congressional aide said that prior to the public revelation that a CIA employee had been fired, the intelligence committees were only told the person was a 61-year-old female in the inspector general's office.

I hope this bitch is promised a death in prison unless she tells who else was subverting our government.

Twinky.... uh you had no right to make Poland or other nations targets of Al Qaeda and less likely to be the allies of the US that you "multilateral" fuckheads have been screaming about since 2002.

Find them all. Please let a couple of them be Senators. Hey, MBNA start looking for a new guy.

And for all you people who say she had no choice but to go to the press...

Two congressional aides -- one Democratic, one Republican -- both told CNN they knew of no attempt by McCarthy to speak to intelligence committee members about any concerns about CIA activities.