Monday, May 15, 2006

Juan Williams brought me back

Ok, I think I have more stuff to say, so I decided to give this another shot.

I have Juan Williams to thank.

I watched Fox News Sunday tonight on Tivo. I had to rewind the thing three times to make sure I heard him right. I still haven't been able to find a transcript, but I'm certain I've got this close.

He actually argued that there should be an open debate about NSA/CIA programs like secret prisons, wire tapping of our enemies and other intelligence operations. Everyone think about that for a moment.

Why should we stop there? Why not have an open debate about nuclear missle design and where to deploy troops? As Juan argued, should we shut down a democracy just because there's a war?

I'm just astounded.

Thankfully Brit Hume was there to make a great point. Are we at war or aren't we?

Every single person who nitpicks these intel programs, everyone who whines about Abu Ghraib, everyone who bitches about Gitmo should be asked that question. I guarantee, for every one of those people asked, their answer will have a "but" in it.