Thursday, August 24, 2006

Animal Rights Assholes At It Again

These people are lower than frog shit.

Over at Moonbattery, Van Helsing detailed what some of the truly compassionate among us have done to a family who lost a son from rabbit flu. These people are truly sick.

It reminded me of what these people did to a local kid and to The Make A Wish Foundation ten years ago.
In 1996, Make-A-Wish arranged for Eric, of White Bear Lake, Minn., to have his dream come true. Eric Ness asked to go to Alaska to hunt the giant Kodiak brown bear.

Overnight, Eric's request made national headlines as animal-rights groups rushed to the media to publicly ridicule his last wish.

His life was threatened. Security guards led him through the St. Paul-Minneapolis airport. Newspaper reporters wanted to know if he could defend his request, as if bear hunting was something sinister.

At the time, Kodiak bear populations were high and stable. Hunting bears was a legal activity with permits limited by Alaska's wildlife agency. In fact, Kodiak bear management is still a success story today.

However, healthy bear populations weren't enough to stop the animal-rights campaign against Eric Ness. They were out to shame a young hunter, and they smelled blood.

Hollywood celebrities invited Eric to do something else, something "non-violent" for his last wish. Important wildlife "news" like that makes People magazine.

When Eric returned home (he didn't get a bear), he sat in his living room and recalled his unexpected notoriety.

He had read the newspaper stories about how awful he was for being a hunter. He had watched the protesters on television chanting and holding signs that chastised him and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

"Was that painful to go through?" a visitor asked Eric.

The young man, who was weak from chemotherapy treatments, shook his bald head, "Yes." And tears streamed down his face.

Shortly after, Make-A-Wish bowed to the animal extremists, although Eric finally enjoyed a successful bear hunt, paid for by the Safari Club. Months later, Eric lost his life to cancer.
If I remember right, Alec Baldwin offered to let Eric go spend a day with him on the set of some movie instead. What a self-important ass.