Thursday, August 10, 2006


Ace did a piece on Time Magazine's article by JAMES PONIEWOZIK about journalists altering photos and facts surrounding the current war in Lebanon. It basically argues that the phony reporting coming out of there is being overhyped. I'm not sure if Poniewozik was trying to be ironic with this last paragraph or not.
We can argue till we pass out over Adnan Hajj's motives—politics? drama? careerism?—and those of the bloggers who pounced on the photos. In the end, they don't matter. What does matter is that every time something like this happens, the winners are the people of every political stripe who believe it's their calling to, to paraphrase another war, destroy the truth in order to save it.
I wonder if he's even aware that another journalist, Peter Arnett, invented that line during another war and attributed it to an army major.