Sunday, October 08, 2006

Let's get the term right

About 7 years ago I was 27 years old and at a hot tub party with a bunch of friends. There was a girl in the hot tub (which was about the size of a double-wide mobile home) that I didn't recognize. I asked my buddy, "Holy shit, who is THAT?"

"Uh, that's [blah-blah]'s sister [the girl whose house we were at]. She's 15."

Immediately after hearing that I expected to be arrested for the thoughts I'd just previously had.

Now... I don't tell this story to confess some deep-seated sickness. It's to illustrate that exact point that The Jawa Report evidenced with this example.

If you are a man, you WANT to sleep with that. If you are a normal man, you know that it's wrong and don't. It doesn't make you a pedophile. It doesn't make you a pedophile if you DO sleep with that. It makes you a criminal, probably.

And a great big tip of my non-existent hat to Jonah Goldberg for educating me on the word, "ephebophile."

Let's not confuse wanting to sleep with that and wanting to sleep with Jonbenet Ramsey.

Everyone who said that Debra Lafavre's (I'd look up the spelling if I gave a squirt of piss) "victim" was lucky and then called Congressman Foley a pedophile slap themself on the forehead.