Thursday, March 22, 2007

How Crazy Do You Have To Be To Write This?

You're implying that xxxx has watched me have sex and exchange money for the act? You're a sicko, you pervert. You're a fuckin' crazy-ass pervert if you are thinking about scenarios like this. Who would even come up with that except for a deranged individual like yourself? I didn't realize that you were a fuckin' sick pervert who devises weird sex scenarios like this INVOLVING YOUR SON in addition to all your other misgivings.

I'd suggest going NOW to United Hospital to be checked by the social workers. Or if you don't want to go to my hospital, go to Regions, but it's out of network, of course. Sign in under a fake name...I don't care. I'm really worried about you and giving my son to you this weekend if you're envisioning your son inserted into a sex scenario. Don't tell me you went. Don't tell anyone. Just go. This is a serious problem.