Monday, September 05, 2005

The Great Divide

Bill from Eject! Eject! Eject! writes what I think is one of the best pieces on the divide in this nation I have ever read. It positively nails the differences. One of my favorite parts:
In New York, we had a governor who got every available resource on the ground as fast as it could get there, and in Louisiana we have a governor who...cried. Governor, your job is to not cry. Your job is to be strong. We have plenty of civilians crying. You want to cry, cry in the car on the way home like everybody else did four years ago. Crying Governors, race-baiting mayors and looting police do not a Finest Hour make.
Also, sort of a personal note. He references LTC Dave Grossman in the article. I met Colonel Grossman once a long time ago when he was a major and I was a young lieutenant. I only spoke with him for about 15 minutes, but wow was he an impressive guy. About 8 years later I heard him on the radio promoting a book. I had forgotten his name by then, but I knew it had to be the same guy. I bought the book On Killing in the hopes that it was him. Well worth the money.

I want to give great thanks to Confederate Yankee for pointing this essay out to me.