Friday, July 01, 2005

The State is Dead. Long Live the State

The state of Minnesota was established in 1858. It had a long and glorious run, but today it came to an end. Many analysts saw the handwriting on the wall in recent weeks. There had been a power struggle within the state's fragile government, but the final straw came when the NFL decided to impose Versailles-like sanctions on one of Minnesota's more prominent citizens.

Now, lawlessness rules the streets. Packs of feral children roam the night foraging for scraps of food. The normal Scandanavian stoicism so often associated with the once great land has been replaced by bands of nomadic tribes searching for a strong-man to provide the security against the ever-present threat of invasion by Canadian hordes from the north and beer-drinking outlaws from the east.

It is unclear how long this state of anarchy will last. Some say only days or weeks, but the future is uncertain.