Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Another Pet Peeve

In my menegerie of pet peeves the one that is most active is when people don't know really basic things about the military. This is most often irritated when the media, people who are PAID to cover the military, get simple facts wrong. Not knowing the difference between a battalion and a division. Not understanding the rank structure. Referring to marines as soldiers. Calling APCs "tanks." There are a million examples. Sometimes I know I'm unduly pedantic about this stuff.

Yesterday James Taranto pointed out that the leftist maroons at presumably paid someone to create an ad showing our poor helpless victim soldiers "stuck" in Iraq over Thanksgiving. The thing is, they couldn't even tell that they weren't looking at American soldiers.

Mark in Mexico provides a simple primer for people who can't tell the difference between British and American troops.

John Noonan just waxes these idiots for their duplicitous "caring" for the troops.

And Michelle Malkin has a great roundup of their inaccuracies and attempts to cover them up.