Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Kooks to gather in Washington to demand impeachment

We The People remind Congress that they too took an oath to defend the Constitution, from both enemies foreign and domestic. 1. Call or Fax Congress and let them know, impeachment or else. 2. Organize State of the Union MOSH II protest, gather in DC to put the pressure on Congress the week before the SOTU. 3. Jan 31st, surround the capitol building, project truth videos to the riot cops, remind them that they too took an oath to defend the Constitution.
This is just too much to hope for. Please let Babs Boxer and her other barely sentient colleagues get involved. Many have mentioned the Rasmussen polling data showing that 64% of Americans approve of the NSA gathering intelligence against foreign terrorists even when they are speaking to people in this country, but Captain Ed puts the politics of it really succinctly:
After having the New York Times blow a secret defense plan all over its front page for the last two weeks and having Democratic Party leaders fall all over themselves in condemning the Bush administration for protecting the nation from attack, the Democrats will undoubtedly expect the American public to share their outrage. Unfortunately for Howard Dean, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi, the American electorate has proven themselves to be quite a bit more concerned with winning the war than with sharing the radical Left's paranoid fantasies.