Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Occasionally I Don't Even Know How To Respond

Every once in a while I come across someone who isn't dumb, but just says or does something so remarkably stupid that I'm not even sure what to say in response. They tend to stick out in my memory pretty well.

About twelve years ago I was dating a girl. She really is pretty bright, but one time she was working on a paper she was writing (we were in college at the time). She was editing it and couldn't figure out why all of the alignment and formatting was getting screwed up when she would delete or move text. She had hit return at the end of every line of type like she was using a typewriter.

A few years ago I took a temp job doing some basic office work for a woman who was on maternity leave. I was trying to find a file for some business they were doing with The Gap. After I spent some time looking for the file and asking people around the office I finally found it in the woman's filing cabinet. Anyone care to guess where it was filed? That's right, under "T".

Last week I sent out a stack of loan forms for a client to sign and fax back to me. I put little "sign here" stickers in all the appropriate places. Yesterday he dutifully signed them and faxed them back to me.

Of course the "sign here" stickers were on all the faxes. Now, that in itself isn't all that stupid, a simple oversight. However, when I called him and asked him to refax the documents without the stickers he told me to just take them off my copies.