Friday, January 20, 2006

Those Guys Have Something To Put On Their Resumes

Thanks to Alex at The Noonzwire for finding this photo.

A few years ago the Army was running recruitment ads (I'm hoping it was before the war was joined) that had a guy sitting in a job interview with the interviewee having thoughts back about his experiences with the Army.

His thoughts were about coordinating some sort of helicopter operation. It looked like something you would only want Jack Bauer handling.

The crux of the commercial was the rather prissy interviewer asking, "How do you handle stress?" The guy sort of gave an ironic smile and that was the end of the ad. The implication was clear. "Stress? You think a fucking OFFICE can generate stress? I think I'll be alright so long as I don't have to choke you to death in order to get a cup of coffee."

I waited tables for about five years. I remember sometimes I got wound up because people didn't get their Diet Coke with lime wedge refills fast enough. Sometimes women didn't like their manicotti and would ask for the manager. Sometimes it was stressful.

Of course, there is stress...

And there is stress.