Friday, July 01, 2005

Thanks Sandy. We'll see yah at the retirement party.

Everyone is atwitter with talk of Sandra Day O'Connor's retirement announcement. Most everyone believes that that fight will be nasty and harsh. It had better be. If Bush nominates someone that doesn't send the Democrats into seething fits of apoplexy then he he hasn't chosen the right person.

My personal choice would be Janice Rogers Brown. Make property rights the centerpiece of the fight. There will be screaming and gnashing of teeth but in the end she'll get through. Even Kevin Drum agrees that "May's filibuster compromise pre-qualified her as not being an "extraordinary circumstance" that would provoke a filibuster. She's a freebie!"

Nickie Goomba has some more ideas for nominations that would make a quick and easy confirmation.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was nominated in late June 2003. A little over a month later she was confirmed by a vote of 96-3. Anyone want to take bets on whether the Democrats in the Senate will show that sort of deference to the President's nominee that the GOP did when THEY were in the minority?

***** Update *****

Benedict states exactly what I was thinking plus a whole lot more that I hadn't thought of in a way that makes this pathetic little post look terribly lazy and disjointed.

Anytime Hinderacker's arguments agree with my own it gives me that confidence one has when you are pure of heart -- and holding 4 Queens.