Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Point Five

I'm probably like the guy at the party who is talking about the really great restaurant he "discovered" that everyone else has known about for years. Oh well, it's still new to me. I just read Point Five for the first time. God is that guy funny.

Kilbride complimented Rather on his years of reading the news– out loud– and noted that Mr. Gore had been looking for a new project ever since his delving into the subject of global warming had resulted in discoveries that global warming could cause such diverse meteorological effects as additional global warming, global cooling, and possibly even global stay- the- saming.

“No matter what happens, Mr. Gore believes that humanity stands at a precarious precipice. We may see dramatic, or infinitesimal, changes– or no changes at all. Every piece of evidence Mr. Gore has uncovered so far, falls in lockstep with these dire predictions.”

Just go to his site and start reading. Make sure you keep liquids out of your mouth before you do.