Thursday, October 13, 2005

Is this a sign of the "new polarization"?

The recent Supreme Court nominations got me thinking, which is always a dangerous proposition. There has been a lot of talk over the past 10 years about how polarized the nation has become. It's without question affected the nomination process. Has it also affected the Justices on the court. I faintly remember some quote from O'Connor during the 2000 campaign that she wanted to hang on until there was a GOP President.

I've only been politically aware for around 18-20 years so I don't have nearly the memory of this stuff over the long haul. Have Justices always played the "I can stay alive longer than you can stay in office" game? Is Stevens going to have to be carted out like Rehnquist? If I'm still doing ANYTHING at 85 other than annoying my relatives it will be a miracle, but deciding constitutional law? Please.

Guy, take a rest. You've earned it. You don't have that much time left. Spend it doing something that will make the National Enquirer.