Friday, December 30, 2005

List of scandals

I'm going to attempt to compile and keep updated a list of all the "scandals" that are going to bring down the Bush administration any day now.

The Astute Blogger did this back in July, but with new things to outrage Democrats happening weekly, it needs updating. The first nineteen are from him.
  • "Mission Accomplished"
  • Valerie Plame
  • His National Guard service
  • Abu Ghraib
  • The Niger/Yellowcake line from the SOTU
  • "Bush Lied!!!!!" about WMD
  • Enron/Kenny Boy Lay
  • Cheney's Energy Task Force
  • "Iraq is a diversion" by Richard Clarke
  • Humvee armor
  • The missing explosives at Al Qaqqa (This one was only a scandal in the week prior to the election. The NY Times ran 10 stories in that week on this. Never mentioned it again after.)
  • Gitmo as a gulag
  • The Lancet "study" showing that 100,000 civilians had been killed by October of 2004.
  • "Funeralgate" This is the "scandal" that Bush doesn't go to soldiers' funerals
  • The looted Baghdad museum
  • "Bush said he'd fire any leaker now he's not saying that"
  • Someone urinated in the vicinity of a Koran
  • The flu pandemic of 2004 that killed half the population of the U.S. because Bush didn't make enough flu vaccine
  • Bush stole the Ohio election
The following are others that I can think of off the top of my head.
  • The "plastic turkey"
  • There was some reporter in the White House who was gay
  • The Dept of Education was paying for good publicity
  • The military was paying for good stories in Iraq
  • The military has been using white phosphorus weaponry for 60 years
  • Something about Halliburton
  • Kitty Kelley revealed Bush doing coke at Camp David
  • NSA "domestic spying"
  • The CIA not publicly stating where terrorists are being held
  • The Downing Street memos
  • Bush considered knocking down Al Qaeda's propaganda arm of Al Jazerra.
  • Mayor Nagin wasn't allowed to use his buses to evacuate New Orleans because Bush was on vacation
  • Eavesdropping on foreign diplomats at the UN.
Anything I've missed?

Added since original post:
  • Sinister Cookies -- I'm not even sure if it's possible for this one to be less serious than I think it is.