Thursday, December 01, 2005


If in December of 2002, someone had told me that in just three years we would have toppled Hussein, that he would no longer be pursuing weapons of mass destruction, supporting terrorists, or slaughtering his people, that the Iraqi people would have instituted a new constitution, that Hussein would be on trial being conducted by the free sovereign government of Iraq, that our policy would have convinced Khaddafi to give up his WMD programs, that the Iraqis would be the first Arab democracy and a valuable ally in our war against the terrorists, and that all that would be accomplished with under 5,000 KIA, I would have thought you were being delusionally optimistic.

If someone had told me three years ago that all those things would happen in just three years, but the people who hate the president are calling it a failure, I would have said, "Yeah, doesn't surprise me a bit."

Big Lizards has a whole bunch more details of our "failure."