Saturday, December 31, 2005


Nod to Say Anything.

About two months ago leftist hack Mike Luckovich decided to celebrate the 2000th KIA in Iraq by creating this cartoon out of the names of the dead.

Now, obviously he wasn't seriously asking why. If someone does not to know why after over three years of debate, they are NEVER going to know. When someone is still asking why after that much time, they simply don't WANT an answer.

A teenager in GA decided to give him one, though. Danielle Ansley decided to spend her time on a little project as a reminder for all the people who still pretend they don't know why we went to war in Iraq. The Atlanta Journal Constitution was good enough to publish it.

Michelle Malkin has also posted Danielle's letter to the editor which accompanied it. Go read it.

On a side note. I know it's an obvious thing, but it's so obvious that I don't think about it that often. How cool is it that a teen-aged girl in Georgia can spend her time doing this nifty work, and BAM, I get to see it in St. Paul, MN?