Friday, July 22, 2005

Quick Quiz

OK... This is just a quick quiz for anyone who is being put in charge of security of ANYTHING. Any equivocation on the answer would show the person to simply not understand where the threat is coming from.

Two people are carrying large bags onto a subway which one do you think should be searched?

I know which one might be more FUN to have a few words with, but we're talking security here.

Unfortunately there are too many people who don't think one should be paid any more scrutiny than the other. From the AP story:
Police stopped every fifth person with a bag entering the station. Each search took only a few seconds. Police appeared to be striking a balance among those they stopped: old, young, white and black. In some cases, officers dumped the contents onto a folding table set up near the turnstiles, and in others they rifled through the bags.

The New York Civil Liberties Union said the new measures violate basic rights and could invite racial or religious profiling.
We can't have that.

Nickie Goomba has a great take on this and Karol at Alarming News points out how stupid and ineffectual this will be. Six Meat Buffet also points out who else should get an extra moment's attention from the security personnel.

Update -- Suzanne over at My Pet Jawa is reporting that too many people are failing this quiz.

Another Update -- Alarming News has another quiz that would be helpful for determining whether someone understands where the threat is coming from. Thanks to Ace for the heads up.