Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Simply Amazing

Whenever you think that you have seen the lowest most despicable behavior possible, someone comes along to plumb the depths just another few meters.

First, Greyhawk calls attention to a pair of upstanding citizens who decided to take advantage of a marine's death to rob his family.

Second, over at The Jawa Report, I learned about the tee-ball coach who paid one of the kids on his team $25 to hit another kid, who was mentally handicapped, in the head and groin with a baseball so he could avoid putting him in the game.

Now to be fair to the coach, he hasn't yet been convicted of this. Furthermore, how else was he supposed to keep the kid out of the game if not for this? Everyone knows how nuts parents can get if their kid isn't getting the playing time they think they deserve. Really, the only way to have the kid sit down is if he's injured. It's pretty obvious that if the kid is autistic he isn't going to be much of an asset on the field so what's the coach to do?