Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Rehnquist non-retirement

There are a few people around who are making guesses about yesterday's hubub surrounding the expected Rehnquist retirement. My uninformed guess (with just a hint of conspiracy theory) is that the Chief has delivered his letter of resignation. The administration wants to wait until Monday to release it publicly because they want to focus this weekend on talking about terrorism and don't want it dilluted.

Occam's razor being what it is, Jay Reding is probably right, "Sounds like we won’t hear anything until Monday, if at all. Cue Rehnquist to yell “Y’all got PUNK’D!”…"

Then, just as I link to him, it looks like others are having the same thoughts as I.

Then there's the idea that it had something to do with getting even with Robert Novak over Valerie Plame. See, EVERYTHING must have to do with her.