Thursday, July 07, 2005

Things that have pissed me off today

Aside from the obvious anger at the murderous thugs who struck in London today this is a list of others who have pissed me off:

Joe's Dartblog had a nice memory of everyone's favorite poorly groomed mountain of moronity:

"There Is No Terrorist Threat. None"

Those words rank near the top in the Michael Moore idiopedia. Now, they are echoed at Cannes once again, surely to rousing applause.

Fox News has become almost unwatchable. Aside from the "America's Most Wanted" format they have taken on, they need to end their moronic policy of referring to suicide bombers as homicide bombers. One of their newsreaders today said that they had confirmation that one of the explosions in London this morning was a "homicide bomber". No shit. ALL of them were HOMICIDE bombers. One of them apparently was a SUICIDE bomber. This is exactly like political correctness, trying to make a political point of using language by obscuring what the hell you're talking about.