Sunday, July 24, 2005

Skateboarder Falls on Ass, Sues

The AP reported Thursday that:

A woman who was branded with letters from the Consolidated Edison logo when she fell off a skateboard onto a searing hot manhole cover in Manhattan last year filed a lawsuit Thursday seeking unspecified damages from the utility.

Elizabeth C. Wallenberg, 27, was burned just above her buttocks and on her left arm when she fell off her skateboard onto a cover over a steam pipe at Second Avenue and 13th Street in the East Village shortly after midnight on Aug. 11, 2004, said her lawyer Ronald Berman.

Now, it would be easy to go on some tangent about the litigiousness of our society, who was at fault, and the usual discussions surrounding the sillier of lawsuits. But what immediately leapt to mind was, what the hell is a 27 year old woman doing on a skateboard? I think I would forgo the lawsuit just to keep THAT out of the news.

*** Update *** Say Anything had this story a year ago with a picture. Ouch.