Thursday, September 22, 2005

Now Bush is Making Local Officials Steal Relief Supplies

Update: I stand corrected on this. Digital Brownshirt has pointed out that the CAO isn't an elected official. He's appointed. It's still a little unclear who appointed him, not that it really matters that much. But according to Kenner's (the suburb) website he's the highest ranking appointed official in city government. I'm doing some research now to find out just how big of a dumbass I am.

While doing this research I came across Louisiana Libertarian's Blog. He has a frightening post on other corruption going on there after the storm. I'm not going to reprint it here after just being too fast and loose with my own stuff, but go read it.

From the AP:

Police found cases of food, clothing and tools intended for hurricane victims at the home of the chief administrative officer for a New Orleans suburb, authorities said Wednesday.

Officers searched Cedric Floyd's home because of complaints that city workers were helping themselves to donations for hurricane victims. Floyd, who runs the day-to-day operations in the suburb of Kenner, was in charge of distributing the goods.

Police plan to seek a charge of committing an illegal act as a public official against Floyd, and more charges against other city workers are possible, police Capt. Steve Caraway said.

The donations filled a large pickup truck four times. "It was an awful lot of stuff," Caraway said.

Is there no end to Bush's incompetence in allowing localities to have such corrupt officials? We all know that it's the President who elects local officials. *** See correction at top

Tip o'the hat to NE Republican.