Monday, September 26, 2005

Protest Recaps

Smash went to witness first hand the farce over the weekend in San Diego. He provides a pretty amusing recap. It includes this heartwarming moment:

JAMAL KANJ, a fiery Palestinian from a group called Al-Awda, takes the podium. “We Palestinians,” he begins, “have been subjected to GENOCIDE at the hands of the Israelis for generations." He rants on. "In 1948, they forced us out of our homes, and today we must DRIVE THE JEWS FROM PALESTINE!”

Suddenly, a middle-aged man wearing a black “F the President” T-shirt rushes the stage, screaming at Kanj, “I’m TIRED of this CRAP! You people keep bringing this up! This is supposed to be an ANTI-WAR rally, not an ANTI-ISRAEL rally!”

Kanj yells back, into the microphone. Others in the crowd stand up and join in the shouting match.

The Arab-Israeli conflict has arrived in San Diego.

Over at The Mudville Gazette, Greyhawk does a really funny photo compilation from the protest while juxtaposing them with the "Dos and Don'ts" as suggested by the Daily Kos from before the protest. He doesn't even bother to comment. The photos say it all.