Saturday, December 31, 2005

Finally - A warning label that should be there but isn't

For Christmas my parents gave my son a pair of Moon Shoes. They are sort of oblong cylinders about eight inches tall with rubber bands stretched over the top to which you are supposed to strap your kid's feet. All I can say is a plantiff's attorney must have come up with this brain-child. Two little personal trampolines strapped to a kid's feet.

He had them on for thirty seconds. Then, mean Daddy had to take them away. No way a kid wears these things for 15 minutes and comes away with anything short of a torn ACL. They say they can hold up to 180 lbs, however.

Tonight we'll see how they perform on an icy sidewalk with my 200 lb business partner as the operator after half a bottle of Captain Morgan's. I'll try to get some video for Garfield Ridge.

*** Update ***

Not even the Captain could get my buddy to try this "made for Jackass" device. I think his exact words were, "How fucking stupid do I look?"