Thursday, December 15, 2005

Just Another Reason

John McCain should never come anywhere close to the presidency. How many times does this guy need to preen before the cameras and be fellated by Tim Russert before he's satisfied? His "be nice to terrorists" legislation that he was withholding funds from the military in order to get passed has apparently gotten through. It will prevent the saving of lives such as this from Never Yet Melted:

There is reason to believe that grabbing Mr. Zubaydah, shaking him, and giving him a good slap, may very well have saved a great many innocent American lives by thwarting a project he had been working on in his spare time, involving the detonation of a dirty bomb somewhere in the United States:

AP 11 Jun 2002:

Jose Padilla, the alleged American al-Qaida operative, became a protege of top Osama bin Laden lieutenant Abu Zubaydah late last year, even as the war on terrorism raged around them in Afghanistan, U.S. officials said.

But Abu Zubaydah fell into U.S. hands in late March, before Padilla could carry out any attacks, officials said. The prisoner became one of several sources of information that led U.S. authorities to Padilla.

And this from Junk Yard Blog:
Col Allen West, US Army. Stationed in Iraq and interrogating a captured terrorist, West tired of the terrorist’s intransigence and fired his gun near the terrorist’s head. Not at him, or even in his direction, but beside him. The terrorist quickly divulged his knowledge of the positions fellow terrorists had staked out to ambush American troops. West’s actions saved lives. Is what West did torture? Should it have been done? How should West have been treated after the fact?
I sure hope that terrorist wasn't "degraded" by COL West's actions. Who really cares about the American lives saved, right? We have our reputation to think of. If COL West hadn't done that, I bet that Al Qaeda would be abiding by the Geneva Convention and accepted rules of warfare right now.

John McCain not only should never get the GOP nomination for the presidency, he should be voted out of the Senate.

If the administration agreed to this they need to find some way to stop it. The executive branch needs to simply ignore it, or find some mechanism to invalidate it. This cannot stand.