Thursday, December 01, 2005

More WP nonsense

Bill at INDC has a great takedown of perhaps the stupidest bitch by the anti-war crowd since they argued that Donald Rumsfeld ordered a semi-retarded PFC clerk to go to Abu Ghraib and play grabass with the prisoners -- white phosphorus. He reveals that our military is also using a controversial weapon that, while technically legal, is certain to turn world opinion against us. Some have even claimed that this weapon is being used deliberately against innocent civilians. Of course some people are fucking idiots.

And perhaps scariest of all is the military's use of kinetic energy weaponry, which punches small holes in the target's flesh and then mushrooms, loosing a wrecking swath of energy that obliterates tissue; killing and maiming by disrupting vital organs, causing critical blood loss, interrupting the function of the central nervous system and carrying radial biological effects, including poisoning the blood with bacteria and inciting septic shock.

But of course, few levy specific moral arguments against "America's civilian leadership" for a Marine's use of bullets.