Monday, January 09, 2006

Alito's forbearance

I think the guy should be approved simply for having the ability to feign interest in what these nutsacks are blathering on about.

** Updates and further thoughts after watching more of this nonsense **

Paint drying and grass growing doesn't do this justice. Analogies fail me. At least paint and grass don't make me want to hunt down and kill the people that put them there. Take note of this voters of Vermont and Massachusetts. To achieve this level of horseshit is truly amazing. It takes new superlatives to describe it. It was monotonulous! Not quite right. Banalicious, maybe.

I was working with the TV on next to me. I kept getting drawn to the sheer stupidity of what I was watching, and not in a good way. It was like watching Jackass without the possibility of someone getting good and hurt, though I kept hoping.

Here are the questions it raised for me.

Why does the Senate spend the first day entirely devoted to THEIR opening statements? Will this somehow reduce the amount of ratchet-jawed bromides they will put forth when they ask their questions? Unlikely.

Is there still a Senator who doesn't know how he/she is going to vote on this? If so, nice principles. Waiting to see how the wind blows, huh? Please don't anyone explain that they are waiting to hear how Judge Alito answers the questions. This has nothing to do with how he answers the questions. I watched the Roberts hearings, as well. This is about the Senators talking, not the nominee.

Finally, I would like to thank Senator Leahy for clearing something up for me. I can admit when I'm wrong. I honestly thought that Barbara Boxer was the stupidest person in the Senate.