Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Presidential Double

This is a pretty funny clip from Jeff Foxworthy's roast on Comedy Central.

After seeing that I had to find out who that guy was. It turns out his name is Steve Bridges. When I went looking around his site, I found this:

As usual, the president shows class:

They say everyone has a double somewhere in the world. President George W. Bush on February 24th found his in – of all places – the Oval Office of the White House.

“Is this me?” Bush asked with a wry smile when coming face to face for the first time with comedian/impressionist Steve Bridges. Well, yes and no.

For the past year, Bridges has been doing his right-on impression of President Bush for audiences across the nation. And while he’s not really the president, most people are hard pressed to tell them apart.

Although Bridges wasn’t in makeup when he Haney, Manager - Randy Nolen and Publicist - Jim Howard visited the Oval Office, that didn’t stop the president from laughing. Or from giving his candid review of the taped performances he’s seen of Bridges being him.

“He remarked how odd it was to see someone who looks and acts like him. In fact, I think he said it was downright weird.”

That would be “weird” in a good way, however.

“The President said he really appreciated the tone of my material, how it was all in fun and something he’d feel comfortable having his daughters hear.”