Saturday, December 31, 2005

Associated Press Wins!

Jonah Goldberg caught this one today. Wow. Just effin' Wow.

Just when you thought you couldn't find a story stupider than this one, the AP finds a way to out-do it.

The White House Web Site has a hit-counter!!!!!!

Congratulations to the Associated Press for coming in under the wire to win the stiff competition of "Most Inane News Story Of The Year".

In accepting the award an anonymous AP spokesman was quoted as saying:

"We're hoping to start off 2006 right out of the gates with a seven column-inch story on fonts used at the Department of Justice's website. Unnamed sources have reported that some are more than 18 points, and while they aren't technically illegal, administration critics have noted that Nazis also used 18 point fonts for some of their publications. Sources close to the administration have reported a rift between moderates at Justice and the extremist right-wingers in the Vice President's office who favor the oversized fonts."