Sunday, July 31, 2005

Austria Museum Lets Naked People in Free

The AP is reporting a story that a museum in Austria is allowing patrons without attire in free to an exhibit called, "The Naked Truth," which features 1930s erotic art. The AP story is accompanied by a photo of two rather fetching bikini clad blondes. My favorite quote from the story is:
"We find a naked body every bit as beautiful as a clothed one," said Elisabeth Leopold, who founded the museum with her husband, Rudolf. "If they came only out of lust, we have to accept that. We stand for the truth."
Elisabeth Leopold obviously hasn't yet seen the pictures of the kooks in Berkeley this week.

I also have to hand it to Rudolf. Being able to sound sanctimonious AND getting scantily clad (or not) women to come to your place is in itself an art form.

It sort of reminds me of once being in a bar with some friends when two of the girls decided to take off their shirts to compare bras. The bartender immediately told them, "You've got twenty minutes to knock that off."