Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Starving Chaplain

Thanks once again to Stop The ACLU for pointing this one out. From WND:
The chaplain who has gone without food for two weeks in protest of the Navy's policy against praying in Jesus' name says Americans are giving the White House switchboard a workout each time he appears in the media, as supporters urge President Bush to sign an executive order allowing military clergy to pray according to their own faith traditions.
Lt. Gordon James Klingenschmitt says he will not eat until the president takes action to allow him and other chaplains the freedom to pray and preach without diluting God to a one-size-fits all deity.
Since 1998, the Navy has had a pluralism policy governing the behavior of chaplains, a policy Klingenschmitt ran into headlong when he first attended chaplain school in 2002.

So he joins the military knowing this policy is in effect. Then goes on a hunger strike because he doesn't like the policy? Chutzpah.

And again. My thoughts on hunger strikes: