Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I don't follow boxing

Thursday, November 09, 2006

What now?

Yesterday Dave asked a great question. I think it was rhetorical, but still. The answer is. It's no longer happening.

I don't want to sound politically petulant because it's really not where this is coming from. I support our war effort wholeheartedly. The American people have spoken, however. They didn't speak with one voice. They weren't necessarily saying that they don't support the effort. In fact, I think only a minority say that. But effectively they elected a leadership that does not support the effort.

That leadership is going to find the fastest way to lose this war they can without suffering too much politically.

To paraphrase John Kerry, "how do you ask someone to be the last man to die for a war that our people and government are abandoning?"

Many have posited that America has one year to pacify Iraq (which is only part of winning the war). There's no way that's going to happen, especially when our enemies now know that we are on a de facto time table. If this is true, then we should pull up stakes and go into Pat Buchanan "fortress America" mode. We can no longer project power to fight our enemies. Our people simply don't have the patience for the long war.

It's been said by people much smarter than me that we will lose this war in America, not in Iraq. Tuesday was our Waterloo in my opinion. We effectively gave up by voting in people who advocate giving up.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Something for the therapists

To paraphrase P.J. O'Rourke, this story raises a couple of questions; questions like, "What the fuck?" and "What the fucking fuck?"

COEUR d'ALENE -- Six Coeur d'Alene High School students received counseling Monday after they unwittingly shot a suicide victim late Friday night.

Here's what police say happened:

The six students, whose names and ages were not released late Monday, went to the dark basement of an unfinished house in Hayden.

Using BB guns, they shot at a dark object hanging from the rafters. One of the students eventually produced a flashlight and the students saw that they had been shooting a man's body.

Terrified, the students called police on a cell phone. While they were screaming into the phone and running out of the house, a machete-wielding man came at them. He was, police said, the owner of the house and had been recently victimized by thieves.

"They shot not realizing it was a guy," said Kootenai County Sheriff Capt. Ben Wolfinger. "The man immediately put the machete down when police arrived. A lot of guys in the office said it was like a B-movie."

The students were attending a nearby party and decided to go into the unfinished house around 11 p.m.

Police said the BB guns didn't damage the body of the man who committed suicide.

Coeur d'Alene High School Principal Randy Russell declined to comment, referring questions to district spokeswoman Janet Feiler. Feiler couldn't be reached for comment Monday evening.

Thanks to Attu.